User Interface testing

Possibly save many hours of your time: As a developer you may end up spending a lot of time testing your web application from the user interface.

There is a Firefox browser plugin tool named Selenium IDE that you can follow the instructions below to download. Once you download, you can create test suite and within test suite you can add test case. For each test case, you can click on the red circle (Record button) to record your actions. So you will have two Firefox browser windows, one where you will browse to your website and start performing actions and the other window (Selenium IDE) will record your actions and you can playback later to repeat the UI test. This will save you a lot of time in the future for repetitive tasks of testing. You can use all kinds of verify commands to test your labels, values on your display.






It will then ask you to restart Firefox.


Once restart, you can open the tool by going to menu icon and click on Developer, then choose Selenium IDE.



Then it will open the Selenium IDE window.


Some function tips:

If some elements take time to load, use waitForText rather than verifyText. You can also use pause function.

You can use store command to store variable.



Then you can use it in other functions with $ and curly brackets notation.