Install Apache Cordova Update 10

Possibly save 1 hour of your time: I am about to start on a new project that requires website and native mobile application development. After researching between Xamarin and Apache Cordova, I have decided to leverage using html/javascript/css skills with Apache Cordova to build the mobile apps. Of course, you can leverage C# with Xamarin. However I feel that we can leverage javascript for front end development and probably C# for back end API calls.

I am using the following reference if you want to follow:

If you haven’t use Apache Cordova before, you will have to install it.

  • Open Visual Studio (mine is Professional 2015)
  • File -> New Project
  • Installed -> Templates -> Javascript or Typescript (I chose Typescript)
  • Then you will see a template for Install Apache Cordova Update 10
  • Double click on it to start the installation
  • Note that it will take 14 GB. The picture below does not show all the required installations, but it does install quite a bit of stuff.
  • Note that it also takes over an hour for me. Prior to install, it will ask you to close all Visual Studio instances.

install Apache Cordova Update 10

After installation, I got the following messages:

after apache cordova installation

This is part of a series of blogs I will be writing as I experience in this journey learning to use Apache Cordova.

  1. Part 1 – Install Apache Cordova Update 10

Apache Cordova in Action