Turn on https with SSL self signed certificate on local IIS environment

Possibly save 1 hour of your time: There are times when you have to set up your website during development to use https. Please see a reason from my previous article Chrome requires https for input text fields.

Create self signed certificate

  • Under IIS > select main instance > select Server Certificates in the middle pane
  • Right click and choose Create Self-Signed Certificate…
  • Enter friendly name for the certificate.



Bind your site to the self signed certificate

  • Under IIS > Sites > select your website > on the right pane Actions select Bindings
  • On Site Bindings window > click Add
  • Add Site Binding


That is it. You should be able to hit https on your website. You will still get unsecure message from the browser as it is not a real certificate.

IIS 10: Essentials for Administration (IT Pro Solutions)


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