Mapbox Leaflet Heat Map using multi-hued color scales gradient

Possibly save 2 hours of your time: The application I worked on uses Mapbox Leaflet for the interactive map. It currently uses linear gradient for the heat map that starts from one color and ends in another color. The client likes to change that to multi color gradient. This allows easier differentiation of closer boundaries on the map.

This link from leaflet provides how to do this on the link below. It changes the style of fillColor to use a custom function that calculates and returns the color based on the density.

The following site talks about how to select multi-hued color scales:

And this tool helps you define the color gradient:,deeppink,yellow,#002060|steps=4|bez=1|coL=1

This tool helps you convert colors from hex to rgba:

Mapbox Cookbook


FTP Task – FTP Import: Error: Directory is not specified in the file connection manager $Package-variableName

Possibly save 4 hours of your time: I notice some of my SSIS jobs are no longer working and the errors are different for each of them. But one error gave clue about the package variable issue.

When I run the package directly using environment variables, it works fine. But when I use a job with proxy/credential identity, it failed. So there is another hint this is related to permission issue.

What caught me off guard was these jobs used to work.

The jobs ftp files from/to the ftp server to a network location.

The variable in this case was a network path.


We change the environment variable to point to a local path and it works. This identifies that the issue has to do with the identity used to run the job does not have access to the network location defined by the variable.

Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Integration Services (Wrox Programmer to Programmer)

The Web Application Project is configured to use IIS. Unable to access the IIS metabase. You do not have sufficient privilege to access IIS web sites on your machine.

Possibly save 1 hour of your time: After upgrading my work machine to Windows 10 Anniversary update, I cannot load my web application project. In my situation, I am not running as administrator.

  1. You can run Visual Studio as administrator, and the project should load fine.
  2. In my situation I don’t want to run as administrator, then you will have to go to %systemroot%\System32\inetsrv\config (i.e. %systemroot% for me is c:/windows). It will ask you to prompt in your administrator login. Do that. Once you have accessed to that folder, now you can go back to your Visual Studio and try loading that project again. You may need to restart Visual Studio. It works for me subsequently after.

IIS 10: Web Apps, Security & Maintenance (IT Pro Solutions)

Turn on https with SSL self signed certificate on local IIS environment

Possibly save 1 hour of your time: There are times when you have to set up your website during development to use https. Please see a reason from my previous article Chrome requires https for input text fields.

Create self signed certificate

  • Under IIS > select main instance > select Server Certificates in the middle pane
  • Right click and choose Create Self-Signed Certificate…
  • Enter friendly name for the certificate.



Bind your site to the self signed certificate

  • Under IIS > Sites > select your website > on the right pane Actions select Bindings
  • On Site Bindings window > click Add
  • Add Site Binding


That is it. You should be able to hit https on your website. You will still get unsecure message from the browser as it is not a real certificate.

IIS 10: Essentials for Administration (IT Pro Solutions)