Visual Studio Team Services VSTS iterations missing on backlog

Possibly save 2 hours of your time: If you create your iterations on the Project, it may not show up on the left pane for Backlogs > Future iterations.

On VSTS, when you create a new Project, it will also have a default Project / Team. There are similar settings for both Project and Project/Team.


To fix this you first have to make sure your iterations are created in Project settings >> Work >> Iterations.


Then you go to Project / Team settings, and select those iterations from Team settings >> Work >> Iterations. The iterations selected below will appear in the Backlogs hub for your team. Each iteration will have a backlog and board to help your team plan and manage work.



Javascript File Editor empty or blank on Visual Studio 2015

Possibly save 2 hours of your time: One day I open a .js file on my Visual Studio and it shows a blank or empty screen. No code is displayed.

What I found is that under Visual Studio menu >> Tools >> Options >> Text Editor >> I was missing the JavaScript editor. I have no idea what may have caused this.

visual studio tool options.png
Luckily I am able to use the repair feature and restart computer to get this working again.

Search on Windows start menu >> Programs and Features

Programs and features.png

Right click on Visual Studio 2015 and click Change.

Uninstall or change a program.png
Then click on Repair. This next part may take over an hour so it is probably best to do this at end of day.

Finally, after the repair is completed, it may show some errors. Please make sure to capture and copy those errors to another file for reference later if needed. It will ask you to restart your computer. Hopefully, you can now open the .js file successfully.

git status

Possibly save 1 hour of your time: There may be times when you are using Visual Studio and Git, it is not clear on what is the latest status of the files on the current branch. As an example you may undo some changes but it still show up on changes in Visual Studio.

If you are using Git, there should be a .git folder in the root folder where you have your source code.

When you use command prompt and go to this root folder and has git extensions installed, you can get status of your current branch by running the command
               git status
This will give you a list of untracked/modified files. It will also displayed what has been committed from this branch.